Drones show

The drones show is an impeccable performance of the air art. These performances working with the help of a special program, and the territory where are the performance – is consistently evaluated, inspected in advance. There is also a specific perimeter in the area, which must be matched and the expected ascent height to where the drones can rise and perform. It is often observed that the drone show takes place over the water, like rivers, lakes or similar places. The drone show uses sophisticated special skills and programs requiring specific knowledge.

The drone show can be used for different occasions such as weddings or various events. We are increasingly interested in the emergence of an alternative to the pyrotechnics and events market – entertainment drones. They are more sustainable and do not harm the environment like fireworks. The colored figures formed by the drones in the sky do not frighten the wild animals and pets and most importantly they can be used more than once. In addition, with the development of 5G technology, location monitoring will become more accurate and drones will be able to fly closer to each other to create more detailed and complex drawings in the sky.

2020 At the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics, in addition to the usual fireworks in the sky, three-dimensional figures were formed by drones. China and India, even Sydney, famous for its impressive fireworks On New Year’s Eve, after tragic fires in the woods, consider fireworks to replace the rapidly popular drone show.