3D Mapping

Forget typically building decorative materials and try stunning 3D mapping design techniques that will be effective and make technical decisions forever when replacing your videos for use around the world.

3D mapping projections are a new and smart way to transform different types of buildings into impressive size projections. They can only be marked at a time when the architectural uniqueness of the buildings, but through the spectacular combination of images and sounds, translate into different historical eras or even “forced” buildings, contrary to the eye.

This technology is easily adaptable to various events. 3D Mapping technology is a personal celebration, when you are surprised by the gathering and the spectacular performance. White cake can be a wonderful canvas in 3D projections that represent the highlights of your life. Casting a picture or recording a video will surely stir the hearts of your loved ones and leave the inevitable for the guests of the celebration.

The latest trend is that all these technologies will be applied to 3D projects and cars. Car manufacturers of famous brands are becoming more and more popular, presenting their manufacturer at various exhibitions. This is convenient because the 3D mapping system allows you to see all the nuances of a car by simulating vehicles in the right solution, focusing on their bodywork, interior details and necessary to showcase the car’s color palette.